Top 5 Email Service Providers in Italy: Aruba, Hotmail, Gmail, Libero & Yahoo Mail

After a long day, you can’t wait to get home and relax. You’ve checked your phone for the twentieth time this evening and realized that your emails are still piling up in your inbox.

An email has become an integral part of our lives – it’s how we communicate at work, with friends, and even with family members who live far away. Email access is also important when traveling abroad. Here are five popular email service providers in Italy: Aruba, Hotmail (also known as MSN), Gmail (a Google product), Libero Mail & Yahoo Mail!

Top 5 Email Service Providers in Italy

Top 5 Email Services: Aruba, Hotmail, Gmail, Libero & Yahoo Mail

  • Aruba Email Services: Aruba offers email hosting services and provides a variety of additional cloud services to its clients. It’s one of the top five Email Service Providers in Italy with the most notable features being scanning for malicious code and spam protection. They also offer 24/365 customer support via chat or phone call along with robust data backup options such as disk space snapshots and synchronized backups.
  • Hotmail Email Accounts: One of the oldest providers on this list is still going strong thanks to its simplicity which can be an appealing option for those who want something easy but effective at managing tasks together like sending emails from different accounts all from within your inbox without any need to download or install any additional software. Email services are included with their Express Unlimited plan which is offered by for free to new users and includes a 25 GB inbox limit, up to 100 MB per email attachment size, virus scanning of incoming messages along with other features like spam protection and unlimited outbound emails.
  • Gmail Email Accounts: This service from Google has been around the longest on this list but still remains one of the most popular options thanks in part to its clean interface that’s easy to use as well as being available cross-platform including Android devices or iPhones allowing you access your account no matter where you go. You can also create multiple accounts within Gmail if needed such as personal addresses vs work-related ones without needing separate systems – everything will sync seamlessly. They also offer a variety of features such as Email Filters, Email Snoozing, and Priority Inbox to help you manage your inbox.
  • Libero Email Accounts: One thing that stands out about this Email Service Provider is the fact they’re one of only two providers on this list who offers their service for free which can be an appealing option for those with limited budgets or no need to have email services included in monthly bills from other companies. That being said, there are limitations so it’s important to read through all FAQs before committing because some users may find what they need elsewhere on this list depending on what requirements are most important including any size limits per attachment or daily send limit. Other notable features include virus scanning and spam protection but no in-depth data backup options.
  • Yahoo Email Accounts: Along with being one of the oldest providers on this list, it’s also been rated as one of the worst due to its lack of features and heavy ad presence but may still be a service worth considering for those who want something free or cheap without any additional monthly fees. They offer limited storage space (only 15 GB), no email filters or spam protection, few attachment size limits per message, and a daily send limit that can’t exceed 25 emails – however they do have 24/365 customer support via chat or phone call which is helpful if your internet goes down unexpectedly.

These five Email Service Providers included here are based on surveys from Business Insider Intelligence where Aruba webmail Services came out as the top Email Service Provider in Italy.